capturing our life in a beautiful way is so important to me.

I find myself wanting to surround myself with visual memories.  hanging on my walls, sitting on tables in frames, held in an album on a shelf.  so when i take a picture, i want it to embody that memory as closely as possible.

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have you ever taken a photo of a beautiful moment or scenery, only to feel like the picture didn't do it justice?

learning to use my camera has allowed me to manipulate settings and create a reminder of a memory that fits with the feelings associated with it.  beautiful.  timeless.  provoking emotion.  and it allows my walls and albums to be filled with this beautiful thing i call life.

join our “document the adventure” subscription group and be empowered to take your own beautiful photos.


learning to use your camera doesn’t have to be difficult! Let me be your trusty guide as you learn the ins and outs of taking meaningful photos.

while taking great pictures definitely has an artistic element to it, there are also specific rules to follow. learn the rules…and instantly improve your photographic skills.

from iphones to fancy cameras, these basic principles apply. there is a time and a place for both means of taking pictures, and i want you to feel confident in either option.

be ready to learn everything from great lighting, specific editing tips, what gear to buy at all price points, and how to know what to capture.

are you ready to be empowered to take your own great photos?

community. because learning with a group is way more fun than learning on your own.

join our tribe of people who want to live fully and capture authentic photos of their life.

share images as you are learning. Get feedback from not only me, but our “document the adventure” group.

don’t do this alone, get stuck, then give up. i wanted this journey to be more than a ebook that vomits information at you and then leaves you to figure out all the details on your own.

community is awesome. be a part of something big.



taking pretty picture is really fun.

but you want to know the truth? learning to take great photos is way more than just the photos themselves.

an amazing thing happens when you begin to see your life through the lens of a camera. as you learn and enjoy taking beautiful photos, you begin to see the beauty all around you.

then you fall in love with photographing connection, and therefore become so much more intentional with finding ways to connect with your people.

you know the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees?” don’t get so caught up in the day to day details that you miss the bigger picture: spending quality time with the ones you love and creating memories together.

live fully. take pics. i can help.

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$10 / month

gets you access to a section of my website that will guide you through:

  • the technical aspect of taking photos (getting your camera off of auto mode)

  • the creative aspect of taking photos 

  • tips on what gear you really need

  • finding the extraordinary in daily life, and capturing it successfully

  • a monthly skill focus, including a video, that applies to iphone and dslr camera users

  • private Facebook group with feedback, live q&a, and optional challenges to continue your learning

  • handouts/cheat sheets to help you remember all you learned

navy map cropped.jpg

*coming november 1st*