The "Family Memoir" session is a form of documentary photography.  The goal is to create a custom session to tell the story of your family.  

when you look back at the images from your session, it will evoke more than the "hey my family looks good!" feeling.  There's nothing wrong with that feeling.  Those types of images make great Christmas cards and beautiful framed prints hanging on the wall.  But over time, with styles changing and kids growing, they will feel dated.  So much so that you might not want it hanging front and center, but would rather replace it with an updated version.

The images from this type of session are different.  They grow more valuable with time.  Because they hold more than just pretty faces posed in a flattering way. They hold stories.  Life.  Memories.  A little piece of your world.

They tell your story and preserve it for generations.  

So while you may want to switch out your beautiful portrait when it doesn't feel relevant anymore, opening up your album that holds a piece of your life from 10 years ago will never get old.



how long does a session last?

      around 1 - 1.5 hours

what do we do during a session?

      we will brainstorm before the session about things you would like to include or memories you want to preserve.  It could be roasting marshmallows, playing outside, a pool day, a trip to your favorite pizza place, game night...basically the list is endless.  a "life as you know it" session will look different for families with small children versus families with teenage kids, just like it will vary for the group of girlfriends getting a girls' night out together versus a newlywed couple looking to capture a night in.  I love thinking outside the box and will help you decide on what your session will look like.  Once we have the basics in place, then I just capture it!  No stiff posing or getting kids to look at the camera and say CHEESE!  Think relaxed, laid back, and fun.  No pressure.

Can we have our session at more than one location?

      yes!  i just would recommend the locations be in somewhat close proximity to each other so we can fit it all into the time frame (extended time options available).

How do i book?

      send me a message, pay the $100 deposit.  We can either already have a specific date and time picked out, or just a month to secure.  Since I am first a wife and a mom, I only take a limited number of sessions each month (usually 2).

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