capturing our life, and capturing it in a beautiful way is so important to me.

let's face it though.  WHen it comes to our precious kids, we would love any picture if it holds onto a memory.  Even before I learned how to use my camera, I loved looking at my pictures with bad focus and crummy lighting.

as our life has changed a lot, I find myself wanting to surround myself with visual memories.  hanging on my walls, sitting on tables in frames, held in an album on a shelf.  so when i take a picture, i want it to embody that memory as closely as possible.

have you ever taken a photo of a beautiful moment or scenery, only to feel like the picture didn't do it justice?

learning to use my camera has allowed me to manipulate settings and create a reminder of a memory that fits with the feelings associated with it.  beautiful.  timeless.  provoking emotion.  and it allows my walls and albums to be filled with this beautiful thing i call life.

what it is:

  • the technical aspect of taking photos (getting your camera off of auto mode)

  • the creative aspect of taking photos 

  • finding the extraordinary in daily life, and capturing it successfully

  • 3 hour in person class in Keller, TX

  • private Facebook group with feedback, and assignments to continue your learning

  • handouts/cheat sheets to help you remember all you learned

What it isn't:

  • editing or photoshop instruction

  • tips/instruction on posing or taking family photos

  • business mentoring for photography

next class:


requirements: a dslr camera (bring to class)

*you can take this class without a DSLR camera, but the technical instruction would not apply (which is half of the class)