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Trick or Treating: A Family FIlm


Trick or Treating: A Family FIlm

My first real film.  

Can I tell you that seeing your people in motion is priceless?  I didn't know that this would be the last footage of my dad before I lost him to a heart attack a few months later.  I will treasure this forever.  Sometimes it's just good to see your loved ones in more than a still image.  The way their face moves as they laugh, or the way they twirl nunchucks.  I'll say it again...priceless.

So here it is.


A Morning with Daddy: Documentary Video


A Morning with Daddy: Documentary Video

Documenting life through still images is something that makes my creative heart sing.  It also makes this mamma heart feel extremely grateful.  My boys love to pile up in my lap and relive memories from our time in Colorado.

Would they remember these little things without the help of an image to trigger their memory?  Would I?  

And then you add video into the mix!  Now I can remember the sounds of their tiny voices as they played, the funny things daddy said ("Whiny boys don't get cheesy eggs"), the amount of rough and tumble that went on in our household on a regular basis (the pinching and tickling and twisting of faces).  

This is a small window into a crazy, chaotic morning in our Colorado home.  Now that we are in Texas, I stumbled upon these video clips and thought, I HAVE to do something with this.  I want to remember this always.


Big City Adventures in Denver


Big City Adventures in Denver

We love Denver.

The weather.  The mountains.  The hiking.  The endless adventure opportunities.

We also love the city.  And we love to go on "big city adventures" as a family, which basically means walking around downtown looking at stuff and getting a treat.

The kids always get super pumped about a big city adventure.  So much so, the excitement wears them out about 5 minutes into our drive.  It's inevitable.

But they love everything about the city:  the tall buildings, the lights, the horses pulling carriages, skateboarders, the bridges to cross and escalators to ride (over...and over...and over...).  Take a peak at our latest adventure.


I also took some video footage and made this film/photo montage which I love!  The boys love watching it too and reliving the memories.


Family Video: Take One!


Family Video: Take One!


This year I'm going to be incorporating fusion videos into my business (think DVD with video clips and edited still images all mixed up with some sentiment and love)

Now, today while the boys played in the snow, I grabbed my camera that was on 10% power and did some video clips and took a few photos.  Keep in mind that this is my FIRST kind. :)

So stay tuned!  Improved videos are on the horizon.

But here's a sample of what I've got going on now.  I still love it, and my boys love watching themselves on the big screen. (Surprise, surprise)


Adventures of Catboy and Gecko

Adventures of Catboy and Gecko

It's in the little things where life is hidden.

I document life.  That's kind of my thing.  

I do it for my job, and I do it in my everyday life.  Why?  Simple.


Since having kids, I feel like my memory went to crap.  My planner and lists and client database and all of those amazing tools are my lifeline to functioning as an adult.  They keep me on track with all of those things in life that I need to remember:  bills, appointments, schedules, to-do lists, etc.

But what about those things that I don't necessarily NEED to remember but that I WANT to remember?  A picture tells a thousand words, and in this case, a picture helps boost that poor memory of mine so that these "not-so-important" important things don't get lost in mix.

A bond like no other - brothers.

Did I mention that I FREAKED out when I found out I was pregnant with my second child???  I was barely making it in motherhood with my, at the time, 6 month old who gifted me with little sleep and lots of crying (YAY colic).  Adding another baby seemed both overwhelming and terrifying.  But there he came...our sweet Tanner boy.

Fast forward 3 years (has it really been that long??) and I'm beyond thankful not only for this precious gift of a child, but the closeness of my two boys.

Not even 16 months apart, they drive each other crazy, but they also stick up for each other and truly enjoy each other's company.  So while they play dress up and get fully into their new identities, I click away with my camera, making a mental note to go along with each image.

I want to remember...

How feisty my oldest is.  Who knew that colicky baby just had a lot of spirit and didn't want to be tamed?

How Jace loves to take the lead in all things.

How Tanner often is timid, wanting reassurance or guidance.

But how every now and then he goes rogue and we wonder, where has THIS kid been??  He's definitely still his own person.

How the boys can transform our ordinary living room into the headquarters of a kid-superhero-duo and be intensely on mission to save the world.

How for as many times as they can't stand each other (as I type this, I hear Jace telling Tanner in the other room, "I really need some alone time!), they always come back to each other.

And, of course, how the little brother always gets the worst jobs!  But hey, he's just happy to be in the game.

Have you ever considered a documentary style session?  There is so much value in capturing our unglamorous life - the backyard playing, the bribery to eat your veggies, the baseball games, the cookouts, the riding bikes in the driveway, the playing dress up, the magic of childhood.

Don't let it slip through your fingers without a tangible way to remember these things for generations.

Enjoying the Seasons


Enjoying the Seasons

Denver seasons family fun

As a native Texan, I REALLY appreciate the seasons in Colorado.  Some people don't care for the snowy winters...I love them.  Especially coming from a place where it seems hot year round.

In Texas, the summers are brutally hot and humid.  That's why if you look down from an airplane 99% of the houses have pools.  It's so you don't want to kill yourself from May-September.  The winters go between warm weather, and bone chilling cold (I blame the humidity + wind).

Colorado summers are GLORIOUS.  Everyone is outside all the time - riding bikes, cooking out, camping, hiking.  At our house, we love to bust out the sprinklers and let the kids run around.  I especially love capturing those moments on camera.  The freeze frame of a kid jumping in mid-air, water frozen in little droplets as his leg breaks the water barrier.  The dirt, now turned mud thanks to the overactive sprinklers, in droplets as well, covering the faces and bodies of anyone in a 5 mile radius. (or so it seemed)  It's like the epitome of childhood.

watching the sprinklers

But then the crisp fall air starts to blow in, and before you know it, winter is upon us.  

The days of frolicking in the summer sun are replaced with cuddling up by the fire with hot chocolate.  Then the snow comes in...

I'll admit, it takes work to get the kids ready to go out in the snow.  I mean, summertime?  As long as they have the important stuff covered, they are free to roam the backyard.  But WINTER.  Gloves, snow pants, snow boots, long sleeve shirts, jackets (zipped to the top), hats.  Then as luck would have it, they are outside for less time that it took to put all those layers on.  So sometimes I'm a bit of a Debbie-downer and don't want to let the kids play in the snow.

But when Dad is home because of an epic snow day, he encourages us to get all bundled up and trek out to the steepest hill we can find.  Dad is all about the adventure.  So we do just that, and have the most memorable time sledding (Jace) and eating snow (Tanner) and laughing at the biggest kid of all (ahem, their father) attempt to do all sorts of "tricks."  Then we go home and get that hot chocolate in our bellies and watch the footage of our adventure. (thanks to the Go-Pro)

ready for snow

I love adventure.

I want to be a mom that gets out there and off the couch and experiences life with her family.  Let's face it...parenting is exhausting.  It's so much easier to entertain the kids with some sort of technology and just zone out in an attempt to relax and have a breather.  But there are memories just waiting to be made around every corner!  Every season gives us unique opportunities to get out there and experience life together.

So go seek out an adventure today, big or small.

And when you do...don't forget the camera. :)