I love it when passions collide.

In this case, I was able to spend a weekend with some of my FAVORITE people in Houston, Texas while photographing their huge student event at their church.  And it was my birthday.  And I got to eat at Chuy's.

A weekend full of fun, that's for sure!  Here are some of the highlights of the Bridge Fellowship Student Takeover.

Mud Football + Dodgeball

These kids held nothing back.  I thoroughly enjoyed photographing people sloshing around in the mud while I stayed nice and clean. :)  And a good game of dodgeball is always fun to watch.


Photographing in dark spaces isn't always ideal, but with the stage lighting it was a fun challenge to get some interesting shots.  I loved capturing the intensity of the band, plus the authentic emotion of the students while worshipping.  My favorite parts of the weekend!

Oh, and that handsome guitar player doing a herkie?  That would be my baby daddy.

Did I mention there was a dance party...on my birthday?!  Perfect.