I can't believe I have lived in Colorado for the last 2 years, barely five minutes away from Cherry Creek State Park, and have never been there until tonight.  Not once.

sunset by the lake

I finally charged my camera battery today and have been itching to take some photos, so when the hubs suggested we grill out by the water for dinner (it was an exceptionally warm February day), I was pumped!  We loaded up a cooler and drove on out, packed with essentials for hamburgers and s'mores.

cooking out

Aside from the quickly dropping temps and numb fingers, it was everything I hoped it would be.  The huge chunks of ice on the water were something straight out of Titanic, and the reflection of the setting sun behind the mountains...DREAMY!  The boys loved exploring, and great news:  I discovered that you can replace graham crackers with the new thin Oreos to make s'mores.

I mean, I kind of made it up.  And it was amazing.

I can't wait to do a family session at this location!  The rich colors, light hitting the water...it would make for some stunning images.  I'm definitely adding this to my location list!