Denver seasons family fun

As a native Texan, I REALLY appreciate the seasons in Colorado.  Some people don't care for the snowy winters...I love them.  Especially coming from a place where it seems hot year round.

In Texas, the summers are brutally hot and humid.  That's why if you look down from an airplane 99% of the houses have pools.  It's so you don't want to kill yourself from May-September.  The winters go between warm weather, and bone chilling cold (I blame the humidity + wind).

Colorado summers are GLORIOUS.  Everyone is outside all the time - riding bikes, cooking out, camping, hiking.  At our house, we love to bust out the sprinklers and let the kids run around.  I especially love capturing those moments on camera.  The freeze frame of a kid jumping in mid-air, water frozen in little droplets as his leg breaks the water barrier.  The dirt, now turned mud thanks to the overactive sprinklers, in droplets as well, covering the faces and bodies of anyone in a 5 mile radius. (or so it seemed)  It's like the epitome of childhood.

watching the sprinklers

But then the crisp fall air starts to blow in, and before you know it, winter is upon us.  

The days of frolicking in the summer sun are replaced with cuddling up by the fire with hot chocolate.  Then the snow comes in...

I'll admit, it takes work to get the kids ready to go out in the snow.  I mean, summertime?  As long as they have the important stuff covered, they are free to roam the backyard.  But WINTER.  Gloves, snow pants, snow boots, long sleeve shirts, jackets (zipped to the top), hats.  Then as luck would have it, they are outside for less time that it took to put all those layers on.  So sometimes I'm a bit of a Debbie-downer and don't want to let the kids play in the snow.

But when Dad is home because of an epic snow day, he encourages us to get all bundled up and trek out to the steepest hill we can find.  Dad is all about the adventure.  So we do just that, and have the most memorable time sledding (Jace) and eating snow (Tanner) and laughing at the biggest kid of all (ahem, their father) attempt to do all sorts of "tricks."  Then we go home and get that hot chocolate in our bellies and watch the footage of our adventure. (thanks to the Go-Pro)

ready for snow

I love adventure.

I want to be a mom that gets out there and off the couch and experiences life with her family.  Let's face it...parenting is exhausting.  It's so much easier to entertain the kids with some sort of technology and just zone out in an attempt to relax and have a breather.  But there are memories just waiting to be made around every corner!  Every season gives us unique opportunities to get out there and experience life together.

So go seek out an adventure today, big or small.

And when you do...don't forget the camera. :)