I have this problem.  I see certain situations and the details and light will be so inspiring that I MUST take photos.  We were spending a nice fall evening at my sister in law's house, with all the cousins playing in the backyard.

The sun was setting with warm colors.  

The leaves were bouncing with their little feet on the trampoline.

The laughter was filling the air and the joy was contagious.

"Carter?" I said. "Can I run and get my camera???"

He just pointed to the door.  I literally RAN home, got my camera, and RAN back before that magic sun went down too much.  And I started clicking away.

You see, this is why I love documentary photography.  There is the unexpected and you are watching things happen and thinking about how you can capture it in a far from ordinary way.  Because you want the happiness and laughter and magic of the evening to somehow translate through a few still images.  You look for the different angle or the hidden moments.  And then you get home, load all of those images onto your computer and relive it all over again.  Adjusting the colors or lighting to make it just how you remember in your memory.

So here is our magical night.